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 KALLIMARMARON company was founded as a continuation of the private enterprise of John Bolaris in Serres, "Marmarogliptiki" (1964), which focused on marble carvings, monuments and statues.


In 1979, John, together with his children Markos and Chrysoula, formed a new company in Thessaloniki,  KALLIMARMARON, which derives its name from the ancient stadium in Athens where the Panathenaic Games were celebrated in honour of the ancient Greek goddess Athena. The stadium was built in its entirety out of white Pentelic marble, hence the name "Kallimarmaron", meaning "the beautifully marbled one" (stadium). In modern times it was the site where the first Olympic games were hosted in 1896.


The company's philosophy is focused on precisely the two meanings  the word "Kallimarmaron" is associated with:  on the one hand working with finely selected and widely sourced beautiful marble (from kallos: beautiful & marmaron: marble); on the other hand the very essence of the Olympic Games' spirit, the constant quest for excellence. 


Markos Bolaris,1982


kallimarmaron (Greek),adj. 

the beautifully marbled one: from "kallos":beauty and "marmaron":marble

Occupying a total of 32.000 sqm our vertical production process covers the entire range of marketable natural stone - from the raw quarried block to the finest made-to-order creations. We import from all over the world the full range of coloring and texture in natural stone including marble, limestone, onyx, granite, slate.


In 2008 KALLIMARMARON encompassed in its activities a new company, M. BOLARIS - CH.BOLARI Ltd for the quarrying of raw materials. Today, having in its ownership two quarries in the Lakkoma area (Chalkidiki, Northern Greece), it possesses an additional competitive edge with the mining, manufacturing and trading of TERRA CORAL.


We at KALLIMARMARON are always on the lookout for  improving existing marble processing techniques;  our company is always giving priority to innovation  through documented patents, providing us with an added advantage regarding perfected marble applications. 


Awarded to M. & C. Bolaris' father, John, for the invention of the Marble Sculpting Scalpel, 1967


Awarded to Markos Bolaris, for the invention of the "Pool coping drainage set in frame", 2010