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Green Building Philosophy

Green building practice expands and complements the classical building design concerns of economy, utility, durability and comfort. TERRA products are a perfect example of this eco-friendly approach.

Durability, Luster, Vivid colour

TERRA is a  feldspar calcite containing quartz and pyrite, elements that on the one hand impart hardness and durability  and on the other, give it its characteristic luster and lasting vivid colour

One material, many products

As a highly versatile and low maintenance natural building material, it covers virtually every finishing requirement,

both interior and exterior, as well as garden landscaping. 

The company owns two quarries, 34 and 24 acres (superficial mining type) from which blocks of different sizes are mined for natural stone markets and for further processing. Both are fully licensed and complying with all environmental management requirements.

According to geomorphical findings, the greater area of Lakkoma and Nea Gonia had been an accumulative basin of transported earth, various sediments and non saline waters. When during the Neocene the waters withdrew, the sediments had already formed and the transformation into rock had already been completed.