Through millions of years in the making, this raw material comes to us with all its natural beauty and its endless potential for all sorts of applications.

After extraction, the raw block is carried to the factory in Lakkoma where it’s cut into slabs. Then comes a number of options regarding different finishes, profiles, processing styles and a variety of carvings.

The entire processing action, from quarry to finished product, is long, time consuming and difficult. This compact, heavy and seemingly imperishable material demands great care and patient handling in order to create an item that will embellish your environment for generations.

The company holds the ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality control in all areas of operation, management and production

Our production line includes specialized processing machinery for making just what you require.

Some of our machinery:

  • Gang Saw Pendrini
  • Single Blade Gang Saw BM
  • CNC Brembana
  • Bridge Saw NC Breton
  • Slab Polishing Breton
  • Profile Polisher SassoMeccanica

Protecting the environment is of great importance to us: we employ a water recycling system throughout the various processing stages of production.

At the end of the line, our finished products are packed according to European standards and delivered safely all over the world.