The company extracts the limestone Terra Coral (also known as Petra Lakkomatos) from our two quarries in the Lakkoma area of Chalkidiki. A total of 58.000 m2, these quarries are fully certified for correct environmental management and all products meet the CE European standards qualification.

According to geological findings, the greater area of Lakkoma had been a catchment basin where all kinds of sediments and non-salty waters drained. When, during the Neocene era the waters receded, these deposits had consolidated into stone.

These quarries are of the shallow extraction type as the stone deposit is located right below the surface, just under a relatively thin layer of soil, and fragmented into small and large bodies.

Some of the stones don’t need any further processing and are taken directly from the quarry, such as wall retainer blocks; selected blocks are transported to the factory where they’re cut and polished or shaped into other kinds of products.